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Description of Item Town/City Country When Posted
United Arab Emirates
6th Apr 2021
Ho Chi Minh
22nd Jan 2021
United Arab Emirates
11th Jan 2021
Ho Chi Minh City
11th Jan 2021
25th Dec 2020
3rd Dec 2020
28th Nov 2020
17th Aug 2020
United Arab Emirates
7th Aug 2020
Ho Chi Minh City
15th Mar 2020

Items Wanted - Dubai - wanted by buyers (3)

Description of Item Town/City Country When Posted
United Arab Emirates
16th Jul 2012
United Kingdom
1st May 2011
United Arab Emirates
28th Sep 2009

The Middle East, Africa & Asia region contains the vast majority of the worlds poor and hungry people. Join us. We know that “TRADE CAN REDUCE POVERTY”......

Hunger and poverty can be reduced by trade. TheDesert.com provides a free online marketplace for the poorest people in the world to trade online and earn an income. Those people and companies who are fortunate to be better off can meet their social responsibility by trading directly with these poor communities via TheDesert.com.

Furthermore, all people who live above the poverty line can become active in championing, promoting and contributing to the development and progress of TheDesert.com, so that we can reach the 2 billion people who still live hand to mouth on a daily basis, without health care, without education and worst of all do not get enough to eat or drink clean water.

The number of people living below the poverty line is increasing by tens of millions every year, despite the fact that the world's wealthiest communities are getting richer and consuming an ever increasing amount of food and energy. read more...

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