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Date Posted:11th Jan 2011
Item Title:HUANWEI Silk Plaster - Real DIY Liquid wallpaper!
Item Posting No.:00002073
Item sale price:CNY USD12
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Why HUANWEI Wall Finish is better than any other Finishes?

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is a "DIY" product!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is quick and easy to apply!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is a natural, odourless material!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish makes NO JOINTS!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is a very elastic material!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is "READY TO USE"! Just add water

* HUANWEI Wall Finish hides uneven, old and faded walls.

* HUANWEI Wall Finish allows partial repair!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is perfect for new building,NO CRACKS!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is a long lasting material!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is antistatic, does not repels DUST & DIRT!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish provides insulation of heat,moisture and sound!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is permeable (allows walls to breathe)!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is available in a large variety of natural and vibrant colours, shades and different textures!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is a stainless Finishing material that gives an excellent Finish at a unique price!
Item Condition:100% Brand NEW,Only add water for used
Other Comments:We offer FOB price.
You can contact us anytime.
Contact Name:Peggy Liu
Contact's Email:Click here to email contact
Contact's Address/Telephone/Fax:This amazing new wall covering materials comes in various colours and designs.
It is make of natural cottons and fibre which apply to walls and ceiling can enchance the beauty and atmosphere of your home, office and more.
It can be apply to a variety on interior surfaces and adds a special touch of elegance to any room.
It is non toxics, odorless and is an eco friendly.

Image for HUANWEI Silk Plaster - Real DIY Liquid wallpaper!


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