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Date Posted:7th Apr 2018
Item Title:Adhesives and sealants
Item Posting No.:00005928
Item sale price:USD -
Item Description:PVC & CPVC solvent cement also known by PVC & CPVC gluei. CPVC solvent cement (Orange) for welding CPVC pipes & fittings used in hot & cold water and industrial piping systems. Meets American Standards ASTM D-2846 & F-493.ii. PVC solvent cement (Clear) for welding PVC pipes & fittings used in cold water and industrial piping systems. Meets American Standards ASTM D-2564. iii. PVC solvent Cement (Gray) for welding PVC pressure pipes and fittings. Meets American Standards ASTM D-2564.Required by:- Construction companies.- Plumbing contractors.- Sanitary products importers and traders- Manufacturers and traders of PVC & CPVC pipes.- Traders of building materials
Item Condition:Adhesives & Sealants
Contact Name:Advanced Chemical Industry
Contact's Email:Click here to email contact

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