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Date Posted:25th Nov 2019
Item Title:the Perfect Handheld Tester Series OTDR TW3100E
Item Posting No.:00006296
Item sale price:USD 900-1200 USD/piece
Item Description:Introduction

Automatic Measurement Mode: Only by selecting the measurement wavelength, the Measurement parameters are automatically set, and the trace data is automatically saved and Automatically analyzed.
Multi-wavelength Measurement Mode: in the parameter setting, the wavelength can be Automatically switched into the multi-wavelength measurement mode. under this mode, the Analysis can be achieved on the attenuation state of the same fiber section under different Wavelengths.
Trace Fixing Function: It can achieve the same-screen comparison and display of one trace with another real-time trace or the trace under the average measurement, which is very useful for the installation of multi-core fiber or the checking of the aged fiber in the optical fiber Network already been installed.
Multi-wavelength Analysis Function: It can achieve the comparison, display and analysis Functions of any trace file.
FTTx online testing, able to identify the splitter and the fiber's end.
Large-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery, with the long standby time over 8 hours.
Bellcore file format (.Sor), with the storage of greater than 10,000 traces.
Communication Light Detection: It can effectively protect the test instrumentation and Communication equipments.
Connection State Detection: to promptly know the connection status of the instrumentation and the fiber for test.
the Switching of Measurement Mode: through the shortcut key operation, it can achieve the Flexible switching of real-time measurement mode and average measurement mode.
to achieve easily the function of bulk amendment and batch printing.
Able to generate different forms of test reports according to user needs.
to provide various flexible printing modes: the single-page single-trace printing mode, the Batch printing mode, the single-page multi-trace printing mode, the printing mode of multi-Waveform display. to provide the personalized selection of printing options and page setup.
the Function of Waveform Difference Comparison: It can open several waveforms in theSame window, making more easily the comparison of parameter change caused by fiber aging or other reasons.
Item Condition:Color: Orange Dimension: 150*235*66 Weight: 1.5kg Warranty: 12 months Dimension((HWD): 150235v66
Contact Name:Franks Chow
Contact's Email:Click here to email contact
Contact's Address/Telephone/Fax:Tel: +86-571-88284299
Fax: +86-571-85121892
Address:8th Floor Unit A, Block 2, No. 206 Zhenhua Road, Hangzhou, China 310030

Image for the Perfect Handheld Tester Series OTDR TW3100E

Image for the Perfect Handheld Tester Series OTDR TW3100E

Image for the Perfect Handheld Tester Series OTDR TW3100E


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