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How YOU can help to reduce world poverty and hunger is an idea which allows an individual to make a contribution, which combined with the efforts of other individuals worldwide, can reduce hunger and poverty for some of the poorest people on this earth. Extreme poverty and hunger in a world of plenty is a "crime against humanity".

Become a "Founder Supporting Member" of to:

  • Receive a regular newsletter to keep you up to date with our activities
  • Attend regular member events, dinners and seminars
  • Network with other like minded individuals
  • Receive invites to and information about other interesting events
  • Put forward your ideas as to how we can reduce poverty and hunger
  • Most importantly, meet your social responsibility towards the poor and hungry

We offer YOU a special class of membership "Founder Supporting Member", to mark the early joiners support and commitment. You will retain this special status, honoured classification as long as you remain a member. A special high quality certificate with the logo will be issued to you, which you may display in your home or office.


I wish to join as a "Founder Supporting Member".

Full name:




I enclose a fee of £15 or (US$25), please tick one box below:

  Cheque or Bankers Draft made payable to "Gamar Telecommunications".

  Cash - paper notes only, please.

  Other - please specify here ......................................................................

I agree to observe the rules and regulations of membership which will be issued to me when my membership application is accepted for an initial period of one year.

Sign your name here ....................................................... Date .................

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Please print this page, complete the form and post it with the fee to: Telecoms, 52 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 5BT, UK is a trade mark/domain owned and operated by Gamar Telecommunications (UK) limited, a company registered in England No. 2610987. Terms & Conditions apply, see homepage. E&OE

If you just want to make a donation, print this page, complete and send it stating your donation amount and the words "Donation only", on top of the page. is a social business funded by individuals who wish to reduce poverty and hunger. Your contribution will allow us to spread our message to the world. We will send you an acknowledgement on receipt of your donation.

How you can get involved?

To succeed needs contributions from many people, from many communities and countries. So please join us, we have a huge number of activities where you can make a contribution to help us reach the 2 billion people who today live in poverty.

Cyber Activist - help us to spread the message. If you see anything on that inspires you or is informative, send it to your friends. Print it and post it on your office notice board. For example, as a start you can print our homepage, put it on the notice board or distribute it by post etc. or send it to friends online. We need Cyber Activists/Warriors in all parts of the world to get our message across. Become the local champion for You will be "doing good" for the world we live in and get personal satisfaction and reward for your good deeds.

Intern/Volunteer - we need people to assist with mail shots, leaflet distribution, membership recruitment, administration, databases, sales, PR etc.

Internet Savvy Geeks - since we have launched an online marketplace to help the worlds poorest people, who have no money to pay us, we need help with html programming, CSS, blogs, database design and function, screen saver design, cartoons, animations, online marketing technologies, SEO, logo and banner coding etc. If you have expertise in any technology or program which you think can assist us, please contact us. We will agree with you what you can do to help.

Journalists/Translators - if you are a journalist, PR person or work in a media or trade organisation then you can assist in getting our press releases published and distributed. You may want to write an article on our aims and activities. If you write a blog, have a website or are part of a forum then link it with Translators who are operating in a professional capacity in media, business, chambers of commerce or governmental environment can assist in translating our press releases and news stories from English to any language such as, Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Farsi, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Dutch etc.

How to get started? Become part of our effort to "reduce poverty via trade". Send a short email giving your name and contact details including address. Give us a brief about yourself in about 100 words maximum. Indicate clearly how much time per day/week you can commit to. State clearly what activity you want to do.

Send Email Now

Any application for membership, activity or participation request may or may not be accepted by All decisions associated with these matters are made entirely and wholly by without the need or requirement to offer any explanation or any reason whatsoever at all times.

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